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Topic: Conversation Essay


This Youtube link https://youtu.be/aPX7IZVG8WM is generated by the lectures commenting on the draft. Her advices and comments should be all reflected in revision.

Three reading are attached ; Teju Cole – Object lesson/ Susan Sontag – on Photography/ bell hooks – Art on Mind

This essay has to present Interpretive problem on the Exhibit, which is the food photo, Claim, and motive.

Claim should be supported by textual evidences, at the same time, how those authors view on the same issue, therefore it creates conversations. Please refer to the PROMPT flile

Also, it is not a traditional 5 paragraph. But it has the flow though each paragraph, and build on! In this sense, the topic sentences should not merely state the idea of each paragraph. Please refer to the complicating signposts file for more details

And when you add some partial quote, it has to follow a specific way. It is referred ICE – introduction/ Citation / Explanation. Must be in this order


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