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Topic: Coop work term report Standardization

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Employer : Enwin Utilities Ltd. https://enwin.com/about/
Job title :Senior Electrical Engineering Co-op Student
Job duty:
1. Using SPIDAcalc software doing pole analysis for technologist and distribution engineers
2. Updating transform overload report monthly
3. Assisting distribution engineer performing Engineering drawings
4. Assisting distribution engineer create engineering drawing standard
5. Site visit for confirming information for engineers and technologist
6. Create training docs for future coop students, make training process more efficiency.
Hydro engineering ( 1 director, 1 manager, 2 distribution engineers, 7 technologists, 2 coop)
Topic :
Standardization ( can be changed )
Problem: technologists/ supervisors using different methods for drawings and CAD file.
Cause confusion.
By helping distribution engineer creating drawing standardization and work process flow chat, realize the importance of standardization.


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