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Topic: Create Your Own NGO


Many anthropologists have become involved in the work of civil society organizations or other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). These groups work with great vigor to right what they perceive as wrongs all around the world. For this assignment, you will found your own NGO. What cause would you seek to work for, and why? Be sure to think out the working details of your NGO. How many staff members would you need? What parts of the world would you have to work in? What kind of challenges would you have to overcome?

Instructions: Complete the assignment below.

Imagine you are creating an NGO and need to earn funding to accomplish your goal. Address the following questions in this forum:

1. -NGO Name
2. -What cause would you have?
3. -What would you do to promote that cause?
4. -Where would you operate?
5. -What challenges might you have to overcome?
6.-Why does your NGO deserve funding?


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