Topic: Creating Good Historical Questions


Acting as the reporter, create a questionnaire of ten questions (Five questions for each athlete) based on the athletes you chose to ask questions. These must be good quality questions, that get into the details and intricacies of the particular athlete’s life.

Including things such as family background, diet, training, lifestyle, social issues, wages, goals, accomplishments, etc. The main task here is coming up with solid questions that can really stimulate a good answer.

Questions would have to be formulated to reflect the history of sport and its broader historical methodology. For example, the five questions may revolve around the following: the sport itself, the role of the athlete in their society, the place of the sport in history, any problems the athlete or sport may have at that time, the benefits of engaging in such as sport.

The athlete I wish to ask question are American Football Star of 1990s and Canadian Hockey Star of 1990s

Five questions for American Football Star of 1990s and five for Canadian Hockey Star of 1990s

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