Topic: Creative Industries business essay


The assignment is two part 1000 words for each:

Part 1: What is the significance of cluster theory for the creative economy? Does it accurately represent the sector? What are the limits to it as an effective way to think about competitive advantage?

Part 2: How has the rise of creative industries in the Global South impacted infrastructure,
development policy initiatives, urban space, social values, and forms of work in the
region? Select one type of creative industry and its impact on at least one country from the
following list to develop your analysis: China, India, Brazil, or South Africa.

When answering the questions please refrain from making many small paragraphs. I prefer fewer (2 to 3) paragraphs which are concise and structured.
Please use a mix of the readings given (Ex: Creative Cities by Allen Scott) where possible and also external sources if necessary.

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