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Topic: Crime and Case Assessment for Victim Advocacy

It is important as a victim advocate working in the field of crisis and the criminal justice system to be able to hear/learn/be given a case and know how to assess the needs of everyone involved. Utilizing all that you have read and learned in this class it is your turn to make these assessments and provide appropriate services. In an 8-10 paper, using the headings below and including at least 3 sources other than the textbook complete the following:

• Selection of crime
Chose a recent crime/case where there were victims. Find a video (news footage, raw witness footage, etc.) that discusses the case. Include the video as a resource in your paper, and you will post it for fellow students in your discussion board.

• Stage Crisis Intervention Model
Using Robert’s R-SSCIM 7 stage crisis intervention create a plan to provide crisis counseling and victim services.
• Challenges
What challenges might you have you assist this victim/survivor?
• Active Listening
Discuss the importance of active listening and being genuine in your care for the victim.
• Focus of Service Delivery
Consider the four impact areas of victimization: emotional, physical, financial and psychological. What area(s) should be the initial focus of service delivery? How might that focus change as the situation for the victims change?
• Community Resources
What resources in the community are appropriate given the needs of the victim/survivor? Support your response.
• Support of Family, Friends, and Neighbors
How will the support of family, friends and neighbors help or hinder the victim through this situation?
• Reoccurrence of Victimization
Is there any likelihood for reoccurrence of victimization (re-victimization)? Explain your response.
• Marsy’s Law
How would Marsy’s Law and the victim’s participation in the Criminal Justice System contribute to a victim’s perspective on “justice”?
• Self-Care
In order to prevent vicarious traumatization, how would you practice self-care?
Be sure to reference appropriately using APA style.


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