Topic: Critical analysis of a project management article

Critical analysis of a project management article

Please choose ONE of the following articles upon which to base your critique:

Paper 1:Davis, K. (2017). An empirical investigation into different stakeholder groups perceptionof project success.International Journal of Project Management, 35 (4), 604–617.


Paper 2: Laufer, A., Hoffman, E. J., Russell, J. S., & Cameron, W. S. (2015). What successfulproject managers do. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(3), 43-51.


Students are required to:

  • Summarise (around 500 words) the key elements of the article.
  • Then, critically analyse those elements, utilising other sources and views (e.g. journal articles) to provide an evaluation and critique (around 2000 words)

Assessment Criteria

  • Clear, concise and meaningful summary of the key points in the article.
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article.
  • Conduct critical analysis and show evidence of extensive research you have undertaken to position the article within the broader project management literature. For example; are alternative interpretations available? Has the work been developed by other authors?
  • Appropriately structured report.
  • Clarity of written expression.


See week 2 lecture slides for background information and samples from previous students.

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