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Topic: Critical Research and Analysis Paper


I want you to write about a film Bicycle Thieves(1949) and any choice from an artwork (Photograph, painting, theater, novel, or short story). The detailed instruction given by the professor is below. For the part “(3) their relevance to a theoretical, socio-historical, or cultural reading assigned in class; and,” I attached the class reading for this film.

Critical Research and Analysis Paper: You have to write a paper analyzing a film and an artwork (e.g. Photograph, painting, theater, literary pieces such as novel, short story etc.,) of your choice. You will be required to compare and contrast these two art forms as you analyze them for this critical research and writing assignment. They maybe from similar or different time periods. Films and artworks from a global/international perspective will be very welcome. NOTE: Citation is obligatory for this research paper. Annotated bibliography will be very welcome. Your writing assignment should be coherent, well-written, comparative analyses of the selected film and the artwork. Unsubstantiated opinions and lengthy plot summaries or details are not acceptable and will result in point reductions. Primarily, your analyses should include paragraphs devoted to analyzing: (1) One or more of the formal strategies utilized by the film and the artwork; (2) the themes of the film and the artwork and their historic-cultural importance; (3) their relevance to a theoretical, socio-historical, or cultural reading assigned in class; and (4) identifying any social criticism, issue, or profound message embedded within the chosen film and artwork. All papers should use correct MLA citation style and formatting. Please work to avoid vernacular or colloquial language, or writing a more journalistic film review, and instead use an academic writing style that employs critical analysis. You will be evaluated on how well you understand the thematic qualities of, and apply the formal/theoretical properties to, your analysis of the film(s); the range and quality of secondary source materials, when applicable; the organization of your paper; and how well you have constructed an argument within your paper. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Proofread your papers carefully.


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