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Topic: Critically analyse the role of conceptual modelling in translating business needs into information system designs.


Research paper needs to include more then three reference papers which are from journals and not from books but can be from journals or conference papers (last resort of using)
You must write a research-based written report of 2000 words which must critically analyse the role of business and conceptual modelling within the context of information systems (IS) development and/or evolution and/or integration.

The student must base his/her analysis on the readings (not necessarily all) suggested during the module as well as at least three other research papers that the student will find on the topic.

Research papers can be interpreted as papers published in academically recognised journals and conference proceedings. As a rule of thumb, if a paper is available via electronic publishers’ databases (such as ACM, IEEE, Springer, Blackwell, etc.) that the Brunel Library is subscribed to, then the paper is most probably published in an academically recognised journal or conference proceeding. Google scholar and our Library’s ‘FindIt’ are not publisher databases.

2000 words maximum and to have more then three references to back up research on topic. The research paper should look at how conceptual modelling is translated into business needs into information system design.

I have attached a document to define what is meant by conceptual modelling this can be used as a guide line. Also reference from other people to view the topic

number of sources – reference can be used but nothing to be copied without referencing. Please do not reference contents from websites etc just journals,

This paper about critically analysing the question asked so in some areas giving a strong opinion but will need to be backed up.


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