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Topic: Critically appraised topic (CAT)


Aim: 7–12 pages report for corporate (a virtual company), see the attached “Brief” file for more details
– To produce a critically appraised topic (CAT)
– Total 9 articles to review, with 5 weighing more heavily (see attachment Article 1-5), 4 weighing less heavily (see attachment Article sub a-d)
– A CAT is a synthesis and critical appraisal of evidence that addresses an important question of practice, in which, related to the research question: Innovation Management
– Sections of the CAT
1) Introduction: Introduce the practice problem that motivates your research question. (1-2 pages)
2) Research Question: Show how the research question emerges from the general area of the practice problem. (1 page)
3) Search Term Descriptions: Discuss your search, including a presentation of the search terms (i.e., search strings) you used in the library database, and how you decided which articles were relevant. (2 pages)
4) Critical Evaluation/Assessment: Briefly explain your critical evaluation and resultant overall assessment of each article. (1/2 page to 1 page per article, total about 6 pages)
5) Recommendations to Management: Based on the new knowledge, what would you recommend to managers faced with this practice problem? What could they do at work tomorrow to start implementing a solution? (2 pages)


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