Topic: Customer Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality


The task is that you work for a CRM consultancy that has been hired by the new owner of The Cavendish Hotel to review the current CRM approach at the hotel based on
Gartner’s eight building blocks of CRM. The new owner has asked for recommendations on new ways in which CRM can be used to create value for the organisation. The review is to be based on Gartner’s eight building blocks of CRM.
Using secondary research, you are required to identify aspects of CRM that are currently working successfully and any opportunities for improvement. You must rate the performance of the Cavendish Hotel for each block using Gartner’s Maturity Model.

There are 8 Building Blocks of CRM. Your task is to cover one combination of:
• CRM Vision and CRM Strategy
• Valued Customer Experience and Organisational Collaboration
• CRM Processes and CRM Information
• CRM Technology and CRM Metrics

When writing the assignment: Sub headings are needed, In text citations, pages needed to be numbered and for references can you use some internet and some books there will be an example in the assignment brief in the reading list.

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