Topic Decision Tree Analysis

Decision Tree Analysis

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Academic Level Bachelor
Type of Work Writing from scratch
Type of Paper Analytical essay
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Create the decision tree of alternative that includes at least 2-step deep chain of actions and events (as presented in the Module 9 Readings and Resources, Decision Trees for Decision Making.
Include risk, financial data using real data. Note your sources of data.
Include annual payouts for the decision tree. This should include at least five years of a forecast.
Conduct an economic analysis to include, market demand, costs, production, market
Choose a course of action and defend.
What is the payback period?
Note assumptions in your model as well as risks that would significantly impact the
decision tree and warrant a revision of the decision tree.


Consult at least three academic sources for your paper. Other sources are allowable but be mindful of source credibility. Steer clear from politically-connected sources. List all sources in your reference list.

In your paper, provide a citation for at least three of your sources. Accurately document citations and references in current APA style. Prior to submission, review the evaluation rubric so that you may plan your assignment, use it as a checklist to identify the successful parts of your assignment, and self-evaluate your paper.

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