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Topic: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA)


Everything that is needed to be done is on the prompt. The prompt says that we have to do research about the US immigration issue, not immigration in general. So, I chose the topic Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA), you may want to do a research about that first. So, in my research paper, the introduction should be about immigration issue that is going on now, then Obama created DACA, then tell the benefits of DACA to the US economy, education, health, etc. Then, you should have 1 paragraph about the counterargument, explain why Trump started questioning DACA and wants to end the program, but then you should connect the counterargument with the initial argument. The argument that I am hoping for is that I support DACA as it is making benefits to the country in every aspects. So, you have to develop that argument in this research paper, and give 1 paragraph of counterargument. Read the prompt carefully. My immigration issue is DACA, don’t write about anything else!

Essay #4: Research Essay

Prompt: Write a 6-7 page academic research essay that explores an issue of your choice as it relates to immigration in the United States. Your Research Essay must emphasize your critical analysis of your topic, limiting summary and description to only what is necessary to support your reader’s comprehension. Your topic is a debated issue and you must take a stand on the issue. Strengthen your Research Essay by addressing the various sides of the debate that you found in your research; acknowledge counter-arguments and address them.

Must use at least 6 sources, including:
• 1 book length source
• 2 scholarly articles
• 2 reliable news sources, including at least 1 National Newspaper
• 1 source of your choice, such as You Tube video, company website, etc.
Make sure that at least one of your sources uses some amount of statistical evidence to back up its claims. At least one must be more a theoretical text that takes a broader, philosophical approach to the topic. You may use not more than one text that we read in class this quarter.

Evaluation Guidelines: A successful, highly rated paper will display the following characteristics:
• Asserts a clear, arguable thesis backed by research from credible, scholarly sources
• Properly integrated evidence from at least 3 sources from Annotated Bibliography
• Thoughtfully addresses anticipated opposing positions and objections
• Ends with a thoughtful, “so what?” conclusion
• Contains carefully crafted sentences in standard academic English
• Includes properly cited courses (MLA – in text and Works Cited page)
• Satisfies all of the assignment criteria
For more details, see the essay rubric on Canvas for Research Essay.

Formatting & Submission Requirements:
• Use MLA conventions for formatting, in-text citations, and a works cited list.


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