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Topic: design a marketing communication plan for Coca Cola


Research paper on the u.s unemployment from the 1900’s to now. This is for my Macroeconomics class. Also please include 2 or charts /tables

This assignment relates directly to the Marketing Communications
Decision-Making Process, which forms an integral part of the module.
You are required to write a managerial report of no more than 1500
words designing a 6-month marketing communication plan for Coca Cola
based on segmentation analysis in order to achieve specific objectives.
You are also expected to make recommendations, including specific
actions, for Coca Cola’s marketing and communications activities and to
provide evidence and sound logic to show that your ideas have merit and
are relevant to the communication strategy. The communication plan is
deliberately broad to encourage creativity but realism is essential.
The plan must be original and the report should address the following
points in a clear and considered way:
Section Weight Indicative Content Learning
5% • Your Task: Provide specific
and detailed summary in terms
– the real problem(s) and/or
challenges that face the
– the exact solution(s) along
with target audiences and
positioning strategy/big idea
as presented in the campaign.
LO8, LO10
SWOT Analysis 10% • Your Task: Provide a
situational analysis of the
• Provide an analysis of internal
and external forces (SWOT
analysis) outlining the central
challenges and opportunities
facing Coca Cola.
LO6, LO7,
LO8, LO9,
10% • Your Task: Provide SMART
objectives/goals for the
communication campaign.
• Explain how each
communication objective will
be measured/ controlled.
LO4, LO6,
Analysis and
20% • Your Task: Segment the market
using relevant theories and
frameworks (e.g.,
geodemograhic, behaviour,
attitude, lifestyle
characteristics, VALS)
• Explain the chosen target
segment(s) and justify your
LO1, LO8,
LO9, LO10
Positioning 25% • Critically analyse Coca Cola’s
current positioning strategy(s)
for the product you are
applying your campaign on (as
identified in the case study
uploaded on ELE and your
analysis of different
LO3, LO4,
LO5, LO8,
LO9, LO10
communication campaigns),
and demonstrate advantages
and disadvantages of each.
• Decide whether you would
consider an alternative
positioning for Coca Cola /
product, and explain why?
Explain and justify your choice
of the competitive positioning
and differential appeal.
• Decide whether (or not) you
will create a new positioning
statement for your campaign,
and include it in the report.
• Explain the message and idea
of the advert – whether this will
be used on posters, YouTube
videos, FaceBook posts, TV
adverts, etc. See Case Study,
page 12.
Mix and
Media plan
25% • Provide an explanation and
justification of the different
tools of communication
• Explain your media plan in
terms of selected media
channels, vehicles, frequency,
continuity and reach for each.
LO1, LO2,
LO6, LO8,
LO9, LO10
Recommendations 5% • concrete ideas and clear action
plan to support the chosen
campaign objectives or future
LO5, LO8,


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