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Topic: Determinant of profitability in commercial banks: case in the UK


this literature review is structured into 3 parts:
– the theories supporting the hypothesis
– the empirical research
– the hypothesis
I have summarised the literature review in a file (literature review draft -attached hereunder). That is from some papers I’ve read. Please follow these instruction:

1) Make sure that all the details listed in the draft and paraphrase all of them in order to avoid plagiarism (the DRAFT IS ALL COPIED from the previous research).
2) Bring more theories as possible (5-7 theories support 8 hypotheses), and give more details, especially for important theories).
3) The Hypothesis must be 8 as stated. Because I have already had data and run some regression model. The sentences must be modified, but the NAME of 8 hypotheses MUST NOT BE CHANGED.
4) I want as many literature mentioned in emperical studies as possible.


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