Topic: Developing Reflexive Practitioner Digital Reflection-Designing a Digital Reflection(Diagnostic Approach)(Creative Approach)(Bricolage Approach)

Introduction and Literature Review:
This sets the scene for the research design and should consider:
Introduction: outline and justify the aim of the research
Literature Review: the theoretical underpinning of the research design based on the approaches to journaling and reflective practice adopted for the research.

Research Design, Methodology and Method :
Methodology: your epistemology and ontology which is framed by your imagination (active or artistic or bricolage) and your postionality in terms of constructing personal and professional knowledge (moving towards practical wisdom) as a process of authenticating being and becoming of identity identification, development and transformation.
Method: the justification for choice of personal data (diagnostics and or poetics); how you have analysed the data; how you have coded the data (this may also include if you have used a metaphor how you have used this to frame your reflections).

Reflection of Professional Identity :
The purpose of this reflection is for you to explore your behaviour and action in terms of using one of the professional body frameworks (see assessment brief in module guide). You choose any 3 of these behaviours and you construct a written or audio or video reflection using these behaviours as signposts and plotlines through the reflection.

Now this reflection does not have to be related to the workplace it can be based on any aspect of your personal and or professional identity.

The aim of this reflection will determine the focus and the structure will be determined by the method; the approach will be determined by your methodology and your theoretical direction (literature review).

This can be presented as either written (around 1500 words) or as audio or video (at least 6 minutes).

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