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Topic: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner


The work must be started, written and completed on a particular word file which I will send you (1_4DEP F301A Assignment). Please start writing after page 7. I will also attach a sample report that the instructor wrote to show us how the work should be completed.

Work to be produced:

Activities 1 & 2
Report of approximately 1500 words

Activity 3
A Development Plan/Record
Tutor’s written confirmation that the Development Plan has been discussed (OR a written explanatory note from the learner).

Activity 4
Written records of on-going reflection and, where appropriate, revision of the plan to include further development needs and solutions. (NB: Activity 4 will therefore not be complete until the end of the programme.
⦁ Explain the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be effective in an identified HR role.
LO2: Know how to deliver timely and effective HR services to meet users’ needs. (Activity 2)
⦁ Identify the needs of those using HR services within an organisation and explain how conflicting needs are identified and prioritised.
⦁ Identify different methods of communication and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.
⦁ Describe how to build and maintain effective service delivery.


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