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Topic: Diagnosis and management of suspect chronic open angle glaucoma in community care.


Submit a referenced written assessment related to diagnosis and management of suspect chronic open angle glaucoma. The paper can be 2500-4000 words.
The uni has provided what they regard as an excellent example of layout for the coursework. I am more that happy to send that to the writer. I will attach the rubrics for the assignment.
References are not included in the word count.
The writer can use following data for the assignment:
I have attached a field plot from a real Patient. (Left eye has glaucoma)Also there is an OCT and fundus photos for the patient, uploaded which the writer can use for the assignment. The IOPS for the patient measured at RE 21mmHg LE 22mmHg central corneal thickness was RE 545um LE 549um. Pxs mother and brother suffers from glaucoma.

If the writer needs any additional information then they are welcome to email me and I will reply ASAP


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