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Topic: diet and wellness analysis Nutrition Essay

Personal Dietary Assessment
Part B – Nutrient Reflection
Your Nutrient Reflection should provide an assessment of your energy, macronutrients and micronutrients. The
micronutrients selected must be the TWO micronutrients you identified as being outside the healthy range in
Part A. If you wish to choose a different micronutrient, please ensure you receive instructor permission.
Essay Formatting
The essay should be approximately 6-8 pages double spaced (including title page and reference list). The essay
must be an academic work, which has been cited and referenced in APA 7th edition format. Essays not cited or
referenced or have been copied from another source are considered to be plagiarized and will be graded as 0,
referred to Mount Royal University’s Student Community Standards office as academic misconduct. For more
information on how to follow APA 7th edition format, please see the MRU Library guide.
Energy and Macronutrient Essay Content: Compare your energy intake to your recommended intake and +/-
10% range. Consider calculating the difference between your intake and the EER value, the low end of the
range, and the high end of the range. For each macronutrient, discuss if you are deficient (below the low end
of the range) or excessive (above the high end of the range). Discuss any changes that are required to your
energy intake to promote health. Provide an assessment of your intake of the macronutrients relative to the
recommended ranges. Suggest dietary changes to improve your intake of macronutrients (if applicable
indicate how these changes connect with the energy changes needed). Please see the Intake Spreadsheet
section of your 3-day average report for information on the food sources contributing to your nutrient intakes.
Ensure all suggested changes consider energy and macronutrient balance to promote health. You may use any
scientific source to support your dietary suggestions; however, they must be supported by quality academic
sources and must be cited (for example you could use recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide). At least
two scientific sources are required for this component, one of which may be your textbook.
Micronutrient Essay Content: Provide scientifically supported information on the roles of the micronutrients in
the body. Identify potential health concerns with your intake (deficient or excessive). Ensure you incorporate
the mechanism(s) of action by which the micronutrient negatively or positively impacts health. Identify dietary
changes, for each micronutrient, to improve your intake. Your suggested changes must consider the impact of
the micronutrient of interest, as well as other micronutrients. For example, if you remove a food due to
excessive sodium, you must suggest a replacement that will maintain intakes of other nutrients. You must use
at least four credible, academic references per micronutrient essay. One may be your textbook, two must be
scientific peer-reviewed articles and the final reference may be any other academic reference of your choice
(website, journal, textbook etc.). Scientific journal articles must be peer-reviewed, current within the last 5
years, human studies, and relevant to the topic and individual (i.e. similar age, health status, athletic status,
geographical location, ethnicity). A PDF version of each journal article must be submitted with your final essay
(2×2 micronutrients = 4 articles total).
Personal Dietary Assessment Instructions 2
Part B Submission
The assignment will be submitted online through your Blackboard site. Essay must be uploaded as one PDF
document. Files uploaded in any other format will not be marked and will be graded as “0”. If you use a Google
document format, please ensure you give the instructor permission to view the document. Essays should be a
single document including your reference list.
Part B Submission
Online Submission for PART B (Blackboard)
◻ Essay in pdf format
◻ 2 journal articles in pdf from micronutrient #1
◻ 2 journal articles in pdf from micronutrient #2
Please see Blackboard for the essay rubrics and due dates

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Nutrition
Pages/words: 6/1650
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: CA Writer


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