Topic: Discussion Board post on shorty story “The things they Carried” By Tim O’Brien


Choose two of the following to answer in your initial post. Be sure to write in complete sentences and proofread your work carefully. If you happen to use any quotes from the text or outside resources (not required here), you must cite them according to MLA standards.

After making your initial post, reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts, but at least one of those MUST BE ON A DIFFERENT QUESTION than you answered.

1.What is the effect of O’Brien’s use of appreciation and acronyms, such as R&R, SOP, M&M, USO, Psy Ops, KIA?

2. When the author writes, “Afterward they burned Than Khe,’ what is he telling us about the attitude of the men toward the people in the villages around them?

3. Why is it important to specify the weight of the equipment each man is carrying?

4. Does the language of the soldiers sound real? the descriptions of the weapons?

5. Why does the lieutenant burn the letters he has been carrying?

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