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Topic: Do not compare yourself with others

This essay should be a narrative essay.
I have been told to not compare myself with others a thousand times. However, I always compare myself with others. After comparing myself with others’ the only thing left to myself was unhappiness and deprivation. Even I was comparing with the one that I am not fully aware of. Everybody knows that it is impossible to fully know somebody. I surely know this simple fact but by the time I was comparing myself with others, I ignored this fact and compared myself with others. I always thought others around me were better than me and wanted to improve myself as much as he is or she is. In fact, when I take a deep look and talk with them intensely, I find out that I only see the part that I want to see.
I have a friend who was my teaching assistant for ESE 380. As this course is one of the most rigorous course among all electrical engineering course, I was having trouble. This course requires a special program to finish the lab report and professor told the students that we need to use certain font for text and title. After I was writing my lab report, I tried to use fixed font but I could not find it in my computer. Therefore, I mailed to all the teaching assistants about the problem and several teaching assistants that replied to me. One of the teaching assistants replied to me was Korean. He not only solved my problem, but also he helped me a lot throughout the semester. As he took the course before and got an A, he knew the course very well and was able to help me a lot. Thanks to him, I successfully finished that course with a good grade, and now we are friends.
However, one day, he told me that it was a great luck in his life to be friend with me and also told me that he never thought that I would be that nice. However, when he told me that, I was curious why he likes me but still there are people who do not like me as much as he likes me. Therefore, I talked with him about the relationships around me. After a long conversation, he told me that there is nobody who is favorable to everyone. Therefore, just focus on the one who like me and are favorable to me. After that conversation, I tried to figure out the relationship of my friends. How they get along with others, how others think of him or her and the reason for so. Of course there is a friend who people either like or hate. This kind of personality is normal personality that is around me. However, though there are a lot of friends who do not suit with everyone on earth, I still focused on the friends who seems like favorable to everyone and me eager to be like him. A few days later, I went to a pub with him. We talked about various things and I had a chance to talk about his friendship. When I first asked him about how he can maintain such a good relationship with everybody surrounding him, he told me he isn’t. However, I thought he is trying to be modest. When he recognized I was thinking like that, he gave me a detailed explanation about his relationships. He told me who is being friendly to him recently and who dislike him. I no doubt thought he has nobody dislike him. I got really confused and felt like something strongly hit my head. I feel like every single thing I believed about him and others who seems like nobody hates him is being denied. After, when I talked with others, I realized that as I was comparing myself with others, it was my misunderstanding and only tried to see what I wanted to see.
Later on, I talked about the incidents with my friend who is a man of thought. I told him how I came up with this thought and how it was ended. After I told him what happened, he made me to go over things happened. He asked me whether I ever heard of do not compare yourself with others or not. I replied I heard that tons of times. After then, he asked me by comparing myself with others, did I truly see things objectively. Of course not, l was seeing the situation and interpreted it as the way I wanted to. Am I trying to become motivated, competitive or jealous? Didn’t I dream of the life from social media and dreamed perfect life? Every single question he asked me to regret why I thought like that. I was trying to compare myself with others to become jealous and competitive and I dreamed the perfect life from Instagram and Facebook. Nobody is living like that and it is impossible but I just looked at the phase that I wanted to see and regard it as a whole not a mere part. He also mentioned how I am superior to others in certain area. He concluded that day’s conversation that if someone look at the part that I am superior to others, he or she will always think they are inferior.
Thanks to my friend’s help, I found out that comparing myself with others and dreamed to be like others will only result in make myself unhappy and frustrated as I look like I fall behind compare to them. As my friend told me the opposite case, I finally fully realize how idiot I was to compare my weakness with others strength. Now I learn the meaning of ‘Everyone on earth has their weak spot’. I admit I have a weak spot and try to be better than previous myself not others.


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