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Topic: Documentary photography



I would like you to read this literature review and rewrite it taking it the notes I will provide.
I am aware that the original paper is longer than the page number is the order detail but I imagine you will be copy pasting SOME parts of my lit review so that will take up some extra page space.
I will attach the literature review to attach, you should read it and read the content of the bibliography before reading the notes I am providing below so that you understand what i am referring to.

Below is my review of this literature review that you will use to rewrite it:

This paper details the difference between photojournalism and documentary photography and their various relationships to truth and morality concerning the depiction of and commentary on human suffering.
My evaluation on this literature review is that though i think making distinctions is necessary I do not feel as though I am left with a good knowledge of the field of scholarship around this topic. I think it may be simply a question of rephrasing the paper to sound more like it is directly talking about the scholars it references and not the topic itself.
Here is an example; Susan Sontag is obviously an important reference but i feel it is used it here to interrogate a larger question, rather than simply stating what her overall position in this field is. There are also many people who have continued working in Sontag’s vein of questioning and it is important to find those sources and use them in the rewriting of this literature review.
Also pointing to the concluding paragraph, the argument made here about misconceptions about photojournalism and various ways viewers may interpret images. This is a fine argument to make but I don’t think it has much to do with the synthesising of this field of interest.
Also, please always italicise books and reviews.
Also, since this is meant to be a literature review found at the end of the introduction of a master thesis, I would like you to take out the extra contextualising about documentary photography. That will be found in the introduction that I am writing. An example of this useless contextualising are the bits that explain what documentary photography is, etc…

Make sure to cite everything properly and truly source information you provide that is not yours.
Please don’t disregard the whole paper I provided, take into consideration my notes and find what needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be sent back to me looking basically the same but you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel either. Make education decisions as to how to fix the issues. Use the existing sources mixed with other sources that you will find based on my notes.


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