Topic: Does Brazil have any importance in global politics? Discuss this question, and give reason for your answer.


Focus mainly on modern Brazil, i.e. the last 25 years, from Cardoso onwards. Talk about Brazil being only a middle power but also a regional power. Discuss Brazil in terms of south-south co-operation – being a BRIC country (extensive area, large population, regional pivot, global aspirations etc).
Has only fought wars with it neighbours during imperial times (1822-89) so no baggage in that area. Only war overseas were WW1 and WW2. Being in the G20 and how that helps global ambitions. Has language barrier being only Portuguese speaker in Latin America. In 2004, assumed military command of UN mission in Haiti. Where Foreign Direct Investment comes from. Primacy of diplomatic corps over armed forces when it comes to foreign policy eg Soft power. Best house in worse neighborhood re South America.

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