Topic: Does college debt affect the future lives of the students?


You will prepare and post a 7 – 10 minute oral presentation that is persuasive in nature. This means it is focused on providing research and information in a convincing manner. You want to persuade your audience to agree with your ideas with effective arguments, evidence, and organization of your ideas. Both the content and style of the presentation is important. Like the first speech, it needs to be well organized with a complete introduction, body, and conclusion. Like the second speech, it needs to engage the audience with dynamic and dramatic elements. This third speech must also persuade the audience to an action of some kind.

Again, you can use a topic of your choice for this presentation. Choose an idea that you want to share with your audience (keep in mind who your audience is). Pick a topic about which you are passionate, about which you are actually doing something, and from which the audience could benefit in some way. The call to action at the end of the speech should motivate the audience to do something.

If you are stuck for an idea, email me, and I will help you choose one.


 Appeal to the audience through strong attention getter
 Use facts and information collected from other sources to support your key points
 Use emotion or logic to appeal to your audience
 Persuade audience to take some sort of action based on your appeal.

You will need to include a PowerPoint presentation in this assignment, so, as you complete your research, save any interesting images that might be helpful.

Remember: your audience is your peers. Do you best to analyze this audience and tailor your material to interest them.

Steps to complete this task:

Once you have chosen your topic, research your topic, plan, and prepare an outline for your speech.
(You will be completing the delivery of this speech next week.)

1. You will have to complete a substantial amount of research about your topic so that you have sufficient arguments and support for your idea. You should use a variety of sources, including academic sources from NAIT’s library, current news sources, and online sources. (You must cite a minimum of 3 sources in your outline).

Please remember to evaluate all your sources so they meet academic standards for reliability:
C – Current
R – Relevant
A – Authority
A – Accuracy
P – Purpose

2. Once you have completed your research, organize it in a speech outline. You should list the main arguments and the supporting arguments you will make. You do not have to use complete sentences; just clearly convey your main ideas. Include an in-text reference with (author, year) in each section.

You can use the outline template that is posted in Moodle.

At the bottom of the outline, create a Reference Page that has at least 3 of the sources you plan to use in your speech listed. Use proper APA formatting.

(Because this an outline, this is a planning document. Your sources may change before you actually present your presentation next week. Include what you have for now.)

Grading /15

Outline Structure (/12)

Thesis is clearly stated and is effective: /2

Supporting arguments are clearly stated and effectively support the thesis: /3

Sufficient evidence is included and provides examples to enhance the arguments: /5

Organizational aspects such as ideas for transitions and a call to action are complete: /2

Reference Page: (/3)

Three appropriate sources are listed and cited correctly according to APA standards: /3

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-3 / 825
Number of sources-3
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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