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Topic: E-commerce SWOT Analysis Project


For this project my teams need to launch a new e-commerce business. We already chose the business and set up the business. Please view the Avatar Armor Company document provided carefully to get to know the company. Your job is to write the SWOT ANALYSIS for the Avatar Armor Company. Please read the Swot Analysis Instruction document and follow & answer all of the questions required in the document. Be sure to footnotes all references
SWOT Analysis (use bullet point) (1 page)
You should perform a SWOT analysis of the organization.
1. Strengths:
What are we good at (from the view of our customers/ from our view)? What are our advantages over the competition?
•What is your strongest business asset?
•What do you offer that makes you stand out from the rest?
•What unique resources do you have?
•Do you have any specific marketing expertise?
•Do you have a broad customer base?
•Additional strengths

2. Weaknesses:
Where are we vulnerable? What could be improved?
•What can be improved?
•In what areas do your competitors have the edge?
•What necessary expertise / manpower do you currently lack?
•Do you have cash flow problems?
•Are you relying primarily on just a few clients or customers?
•Additional weaknesses

3. Opportunities:
What type of opportunities does e-commerce offer us?
•What trends do you see in your industry?
•What trends might impact your industry?
•What external changes present interesting opportunities?
•What have you seen in the news recently that might present an opportunity?

4. Threats:
What threats do we face from change? What threats do we face from online/offline competition?
•What obstacles do you face?
•What is the competition doing that you’re not?
•What challenges can be turned into opportunities?
•Are external economic forces affecting your bottom line?
•Additional threats

Total page allowed: 1 single spaced, Times New Roman font 12, standard margins.

Be sure to footnote all references.


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