Description: Students are required to draw on literature and all key elements of this unit to demonstrate a broad and critical understanding of early childhood curriculum and pedagogy, along with the principles and perspectives underpinning contemporary approaches. This will include culminating statement of professional philosophy (300 words).
Begin your essay with a rationale/introduction explaining what will follow in the essay. Critically examine and reflect on your assumptions (3) about early childhood curriculum and pedagogy, and the principles and perspectives underpinning contemporary approaches to early childhood curriculum, making particular reference to at least 2 of the following curriculum frameworks;
➢ Qld Kindergarten Curriculum or state appropriate curriculum
➢ Early Years’ Learning Framework;
➢ Creche and Kindergarten Building Waterfalls 2 Curriculum;
➢ National Quality Framework- ACECQA, Education and Care Regulations
Reflectively examine the ethical dimension of teaching and the multiple roles of the early years’ teacher. Critically reflect on the implications & challenges that these present for your curriculum decision making and pedagogy when teaching from birth to 5 years of age. .

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