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Topic: Economic Recession in Greece from the years 2009-2014


Topic: Select a 3-5 year period of time and analyze the macroeconomic issues occurring in a foreign country during that period of time. You should be looking for cause and effect issues/impacts. For example: there is some kind of problem in the economy and what is the government’s response and then what is the impact of the government’s response? The same topic will be used for all 3 parts of the project. Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of the root causes of the current economic downturn. Requirement: Write a detailed description of the root causes of the current economic downturn. Remember economic downturns are usually thought of as recessions because these are the most common, but may also include periods of severe (hyper) inflation or stagflation (a simultaneous increase in unemployment and inflation). Within the discussion, please relate the root causes to either market failure or government failure or both. You must include a section (at least 2-3 paragraphs) about how market failure and/or government failure played a role. Submit a report that is 2-3 pages long, typed double-spaced. This report should be well written with a introduction and conclusion and use appropriate citation. To download a version of Word through Open Office click here: Open Office Download (Links to an external site.) Research: Each student will develop and analysis based on the information provided and the questions asked in each activity. Research is required by you. Each project needs to be in a single document (.doc or .pdf formats would work best) Each student will submit a complete economic analysis that must include title page, written analysis and recommendations and work cited/references in a single document. Each student must submit all parts outlined in the instructions. Recommended page length: Each section will be roughly 2-5 pages in length of content, not including works cited or appendices. No late assignment will be accepted. Format: Typed, double-spaced in a readable 12-point font with margins no larger than 1” on all sides. Must use MLA or APA citation format. All references should be cited. I expect a minimum of 3 sources for this section, but most likely you will need many more. Appendices: Source materials must be included in separate appendices such as economic reports that are used to draw conclusions. Other source materials may be included in an appendix if it meets all of the following criteria: 1) the source is relevant to your topic; 2) you refer to the material in written analysis and want the reader to be able to view the full source; and 3) the source material is too long to only use a direct quotation. Need a work cited page and title page.


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