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Topic: Economic Stability (or other title :Socioeconomic Stability)


You are writing Email/Letter briefing staff by identifying one top healthcare issue so it’s not exactly essay, reference is not quite APA since it’s a memo email
From the following assessment article at the bottom please Summarize in paragraph the following on the report one of top health issues I picked is Economic stability
(The following are some of what I wanted to be included but you may add all the supporting facts/stats/data you found from assessment)
1) Overview of the Economic Stability of African Americans and other majorities
•things to include here wage inequality, community condition like healthy food, poverty resulting poor health outcomes (mention statistics demographic)
2) Cause of of Economic instability
•mention statistic data comparison
•immigrant with language barrier to resources, unemployment, education, high cost of healthcare making health care unaffordable, high cost of living – long wait for housing, stress from long shift leading to mental health
3) Impact of Economic instability
•% people with our insurance increased —> chronic condition will get worse etc
4)what are possible solution,
Hosting educational & resourceful Community engagement event with in the different diverse group, Increase wage through educational training,


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