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Topic: Effectiveness in Development Cooperation

 Please cite SSCI/SCI, Web of Science level research articles.
 You can cite other report or articles from international organizations but at least 75~80% should be from the academic journal
 Please make a clear sentence to avoid wordy, duplication.
 Do not just display the research – categorize or analyze them

Please include the following contents in each section – Introduction and literature review


 Discussed inclusive partnerships at the High-Level Forum in Busan (HLF-4) and emphasized the solidarity of various partners in solving the problems of developing countries.
 There has been a continuous commitment to the Base of Pyramid (BoP) based on appropriate technology.Not only nonprofit organizations but also private sector has been implemented various projects based on technology to solve social problem of vulnerable people. And especially private sector regarded BoP as potential consumers.
 While attempting to create social value and business growth based on innovative and appropriate technologies, there are many cases of failure. As a cause of failure, it was suggested that the analysis of actual users(beneficiaries) was insufficient and there was a problem in the delivery method, depending on innovation technology only.There are also fewer evaluations than other development cooperation programs.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the BoP-targeted innovative/appropriate technology program and to analyze the factors that caused such effectiveness(or failure). From the standpoint of the beneficiaries, this study will identify the most significant changes through innovative technology and would like to derive from which factors these changes came from. Finally, this study will explore the possibility of the success of the innovative/appropriate technology program for developing countries and contribute to increasing the effectiveness of such projects in the future.

Literature review
1.Global norms on effectiveness
2. Framework for measuring effectiveness
3. Success Stories and Failure Cases of Projects Using Innovative/Appropriate Technologies for Developing Countries
4. Evaluation factors for innovative/appropriate technologies project (for developing countries) and a framework for analyzing success/failure factors.


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