Topic ELISA and siRNA technologies Q&A assignment

ELISA and siRNA technologies

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• Each question should be answered in your own words. Your answers will be evaluated using SafeAssign to identify evidence of plagiarism.
• Begin your answer to each question on a new page following the original question that you are answering. The question is not considered part of the page count.
• You must have NO FEWER THAN THREE (3) citations in the preparation of each answer.
• Citations should be peer reviewed journal articles that are NOT reviews.
• Atleast 75% of the citations should be within the last 6 years.
• Include your citations as a list at the end of each question. The cited references do not count towards the minimum or maximum page limits.
• Your answers should be written in a 10 point Times New Roman, single-spaced, with 1 inch margins.
• Citations should be provided in the APA formats
a. To explain a figure means to comment on the trend/increase/pattern with/without treatment, how things are different from the control etc. Look at the data and explain it in your own words. How does the figure in particular tie in with the research paper.
b. Please do not fill up space in your text by quoting the name of the article.
c. I will not accept a schematic diagram or a cartoon of a procedure as a figure you choose to explain. The figure should include data and/or numbers or be a graph.
d. The figures should be from peer reviewed research papers published within the last five years.
e. Add the figures at the end of your answer for the question and this is not included in the page limit.

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