Topic: Environmental Sustainability Coursework

You should answer nine short questions and one research-essay question.

1- Population Growth and Carrying Capacity of the Planet (answer all 3 questions)

  1. 1)  Summarize what is meant by the “carrying capacity” of the planet.
  2. 2)  What are the ‘Planetary boundaries’? – provide a brief description of each ‘boundary’
  3. 3)  Describe two ways in which the population growth could be reduced in a planned and

secure way

2- The Ecological Footprint (answer all 3 questions)

  1. 1)  Describe the concept of the ecological footprint and what it is used for.
  2. 2)  What parameters are used to calculate an individual’s ecological footprint?
  3. 3)  Describe and exemplify how a nation with little biocapacity can have a footprint that far

exceeds what is available within its borders.

3- Global Warming and the Carbon Footprint (answer all 3 questions)

  1. 1)  Briefly explain how global warming occurs, including the most significant contributors to the process
  2. 2)  Describe and exemplify the meaning of “Carbon reduction wedges”
  3. 3)  Describe and exemplify two ways in which the carbon footprint could be reduced by

investment in the natural environment

4- Short Research Essay Question on Business and Sustainability ()

Select one example from the cases mentioned below. This is your “dilemma case”.

  • Conduct research into the case and on possible solutions that have been proposed by experts, politicians, business leaders or consumer movements
  • Discuss the dilemma presented in the case: the public attitudes you read about, the needs and wants of consumers, the interests of businesses, and the position of the government(s) involved regarding this issue.
  • Explain which solution you would support with credible justification and commenting on how the various stakeholders might react to the proposed solution

Dilemma Cases (select one):

A. ThePebbleMineProject–Alaska,USA
B. TheKeystonePipelineProject–Canada/USA
C. TheColoradoRiverProblem–USA
D. TheGrandEthiopianRenaissanceDamProblem–Ethiopia/Egypt


The responses to the questions and the Research Essay should be presented in one single Word.docx document.


Main answers clearly numbered and

  1. –  Use sub-headings
  2. –  Use figures, tables, images and graphics
  3. Bibliography: You should use the Harvard Referencing System.
  4. Annexes (if needed)

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