Topic: Epistemology and Metaphysics


essay question:
Has Descartes succeeded in demonstrating that knowledge based on sense experience is unreliable? Do the arguments of the first Meditation conclusively establish that we should not trust our senses?

Marking criteria for the essay
These are the criteria that will be used in marking the essays. You may want to ask yourself the following questions when writing it:

• Clarity of expression: how clearly are the ideas expressed?
• Direction/relevance: to what extent does the essay address the question?
• Understanding: to what extent does the essay display an understanding of the material?
• Exposition: if a summary of a text/argument was included, how thorough/accurate is it?
• Structure: how well structured is the material?
• Analysis/criticism: how analytical/critical is the essay?
• Research: how well researched is the essay?
• Originality/independence: how much independent thought does the essay display?

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