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Topic: esports in Europe

Why does the esports business model work for Katowice, Poland? How is this a useful example for other cities in Europe? How might this be a way forward for other cities or regions with serious economic problems? Watch all the the videos. Find two (minimum) other sources of information on esports. Try to answer the above questions as well as you can. Try to be convincing. Link for the first video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STmXd1BroNU&feature=youtu.be Link for the Second video IBUS 593 Extra Credit eSports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flglWSNKONU&feature=youtu.be Link for the third video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_GxPXXLc-w&feature=youtu.be Link for the fourth video https://youtu.be/GqsAZRK-dGk Document Formatting and Submission: 1-2 page essay (This is a short length, so please craft carefully your writing). Suggestion: Have a friend review your English writing and content and fix issues BEFORE you submit) Submit via Turnitin.com (through iLearn, see below link). Double spaced 1″ margins all around 12 point font Use citations (in-text) and references (bibliography). See also the document PDF download “Citations and referencing help (examples)” at the top of this iLearn page. Do not write more than 2 pages total, including references and figures. IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL written submissions MUST be in MS Word or PDF file format. NO OTHER FORMATS ARE ALLOWED. Thanks. Further, if you use PDF format, NO Graphics or pictures are allowed – Text-only or Turnitin will reject the submission. MS Word is probably your best choice (.docx format).


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