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Topic: Ethics Paper


This is an ethical reflection paper, please use the original article in the ethical paper read the case below on organ transplantation which will be the topic of the Ethical Issue Paper. You will identify the opposing sides of the issue and then analyze the case using both ethical theory and ethical principles to support your comments. This article is from 2014, so include in the discussion if there are any changes on how this decision is made today-you will need to do some searching on the Internet to find this out.
1. This is NOT to be written as a report or an opinion paper by reporting on one side of the issue, but rather reflect, compare, and contrast opposing views in an unbiased manner.
2. The topic must have two clear sides, and neither is wrong. You must apply both ethical theory and principles in explaining each side. Included in the analysis section will be a brief (1-2 paragraphs) suggestion on an alternate resolution to the issue. Please the uploaded files and original article in the uploading files. All the files are peer-reviewed articles. The original article is coming from the assignment and please include it in the paper.


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