Topic: Evaluating the social and political history of the civil rights ‘revolution’


Evaluating the Social and Political History of the Civil Rights “Revolution”

Using the readings from Weeks 1-3, with special attention to Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, what were the origins and the philosophy of the African-American Civil Rights Movement? What specific problems did the Civil Rights Movement attempt to resolve, and what were the various strategies and philosophies that activists formulated to resolve these problems? Secondly, what was the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on activists who addressed inequalities in the following areas of US life: race, immigration status, gender, and sexuality? Finally, many historians have referred to the Civil Rights Movement as a “revolution,” and not simply a reform requiring slight political and legal adjustments. Do you think that the African-American Civil Rights Movement initiated a new “American Revolution”? If so or if not, why? You can also qualify your answer by arguing that the Civil Rights Movement initiated the beginning of a revolution or an “incomplete” revolution by pointing to issues that were not resolved in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Use specific details to support your analysis.

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