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Topic: Evaluation of a company’s marketing mix via a 9 P’s framework


The assignment requires us to: Critically assess the role of marketing analysis in the corporate context. (We are to choose a company that operates in Ireland so most of the sources should be Ireland related)
Demonstrate an in- depth understanding of applied analytical marketing.

The 9P’s Framework

Standard components
While some organisations may wish to fully customise the 9Ps Marketing Matrix model to their specific needs, standard components.
• Price: The amount it costs a customer to purchase product/service
• Place: The method of distribution for the product/service
• Promotion: The channels used to communicate about the product/service
• People: The individuals who help deliver your product/service
• Product: The primary way used satisfy the customer’s needs/wants
• Process: How the product/service delivers the product/service to customers.
• Partners: Other organisations who help you build or sell the product/service
• Physical environment: The space into which the brands interact with its customers to deliver the product/service
• Positioning: How the organisation describes its key attributes of product/service OR Performance: How an organisation judges its success

******For this assignment, we are to choose a company (I would like to use Pfizer or Ikea as they both operate in Ireland) and critically assess the role of marketing analysis in the corporate context, USING THE 9 P’s. Each P (as listed above) should be taken individually and in sequential order. Additionally, for the company chosen, you can choose either a product-line marketing mix, or the entire company marketing mix, BUT whichever you choose should be consistent throughout the paper.

We use the Havard Style referencing.

I would also like at least 2 sources per P (could be more or less where applicable)


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