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Topic: Evaluation of mechanical restraint in mental health article critique

The critique should
• identify the problem statement or statement of purpose of the article
• comment the on article’s literature review (usually found in the introduction or background sections)
• describe the participants being studied, stating inclusion and exclusion criteria
• discuss the sampling issues, such as probability or nonprobability and number of subjects used
• identify the study setting—where data collection occurred
• discuss informed consent—whether the participants were fully informed, how their consent was obtained, and any other ethical considerations
• identify the hypothesis or research question
• identify the research design—for example, experimental or nonexperimental; descriptive, exploratory, explanatory, or predictive?
• identify research variables, both independent and dependent
• describe how the study data were analyzed (what statistical measures were used)
• describe the results of the study and appropriateness of the methods used; include study limitations
• accurately comment on level of evidence used, nursing theory addressed (including if no theory is described) and implications for nursing practice or research
• discuss how the research findings can be applied to the clinical area
You must submit a pdf copy of the article that you are critiquing along with the assignment.


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