Topic: Explore Hong Kong protests (2017-2020) and it’s influence on highlighting social injustices in China/Beijing as well as Hong Kong and how highlighting these injustices has provoked further protests and protesters?


Work must be descriptive as well as analytical. Work must be ‘opinionated’ but not ‘subjective’. This means the opinions you offer should be backed up by objectively grounded arguments found in the academic literature.

Final product should demonstrate a broad knowledge of the case, study, the issue and the capacity to develop an independent argument. A clearly expressed and consistently argued answer running through the essay, from beginning to end, will be needed to achieve the highest grades.

Other things to remember;
Answer the question. In the first paragraph demonstrate comprehension of the question and state clearly how you intend to go about answering it. State the argument you intend to make directly and without recourse to jargon. You may also wish to state explicitly the steps you will move through to answer the question (often referred to as ‘sign-posting’).

Critical analysis. The best answers will develop an independent, analytical argument. You need to make sure that your own voice comes through, and that you make arguments that are internally consistent with one another.

Close textual analysis. The best essays will engage in close textual analysis of specific arguments you find in the scholarship. Try to push beyond only talking about specific texts in general terms and look at specific arguments found within the key texts which underpin the overall point being made.

For example, if you were looking at the ideas of Judith Butler, the feminist author, and how they related to a specific case study, then the best answers would engage in a close textual analysis of her work, find the nuances, and so on, rather than simply discussing what she thinks ‘in general’ about the issue in question.
Structure your essay coherently.

Avoid jumping from point to point randomly. Take time to reflect on counter-positions to the claims that you make in order to improve the quality of the overall argument running through the essay. Each turn in your independent argument should not be a ‘surprise’ to the reader, but follow logically from points you have already made.

Only list reference used within work.

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