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Topic: Extra Credit


You may choose to respond to one or both of the scenarios below. Your response should be grammatically correct and two pages in length. Be sure to cite all sources (including references to research and theories noted in the textbook) using APA citations and a reference page.

Respond to one or both of the following:

You are a third-grade teacher, and one of your male students seems to display the behavior and actions of a bully. He seems to focus his aggression toward another male student that is smaller and rather shy, however, the observed bully is also very brash in his interactions with all his peers. Other male students try to avoid him, but there is usually a physical altercation when he is in the bathroom with other male students. The female students are frightened by his aggression and refuse to leave the room if he is in the hall. The alleged bully avoids eye contact with authority figures and is disrespectful toward those adults that he views as less authoritative, such as the cafeteria workers and the school nurse. How would you solve the problem of the bully? Consider the classroom, the playground, his peers, and the authority figures surrounding him.
Why would it be important for children in grades one through five to learn new skills such as reading, math, swimming, building a birdhouse, or making friends? Why is learning so critical at this time period? If learning does not take place during this stage, what effects would such failure have on later development? (Hint: remember Erikson’s theory).


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