You are a new employee at your county Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Your county suffers a devastating earthquake, knocking out the power grid and causing widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. It is also at the peak of the regular influenza season. You are assigned as your agency’s liaison to the County Public Health Department (PHD).

Unfortunately, your county EMA and PHD have a history of “working in silos.” However, in this emergency, you are going to need to work together in order to serve the population. As your first task, you are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the EMA team, to help educate those that have limited knowledge about public health and disasters.

You will create several slides in each module, so by Module 4, you will have a complete presentation.

Your task for Module 2 is to create several slides that identify and review specific laws, policies, and regulations where public health is addressed in terms of disasters, and explain their significance. You should address the following:

Emergency Support Function #8
Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act
National Health Security Strategy
National Incident Management System
DoD Directive 3025.1
Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act

Include a reference list at the end in a concluding slide. Also, provide the necessary citations in your presentation/speaker’s notes.

Additional Resources

What are speaker notes?
As you recall, the PowerPoint slides should only give your audience some key points about the topic. You should not try to “cram” your slides full of information. Speaker’s notes can help the presenter remember everything that he or she wants to say about a particular slide.

How do I make speaker’s notes?
Follow these simple steps to add speaker’s notes to your PowerPoint presentation:
Open your PowerPoint presentation
Go to the “View” menu and select the “Notes” page.
The notes page will be small, so you will have to go to the “View” menu again and select “Zoom” in order to make them bigger. Select the percentage of zoom that you want (the higher the percentage, the larger the page will become).
Click inside the notes page and begin typing your speaker notes.
Continue doing this on each slide until your speaker notes are written.
Once you have finished writing your speaker notes, save your presentation and it is ready to be graded.

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