Topic: Federalism — Historical Foundations

Submit your 1-2 -paragraph response, reflecting on one of the following discussion questions, which should demonstrate the mastery of the assigned reading and the material.

* Please clearly state which of the following questions you are addressing in your essay.
* Please show that you have studied the material by reflecting on the assigned chapter. Citing textbook helps.
* Make sure to fully elaborate your response. 

Discussion questions:

1)When Madison talks about establishing the Constitution as being a federal act and not a national one, what does he mean exactly?

2)What is the difference between a national and a federal government?

3)Which would actually be more conducive to public administration?

4)What is Martin Diamond’s understanding of what the Framers meant by federalism? 

5)Does their understanding of federalism make sense in a world where public administration is essential to the execution of public law and the distribution of public services?

6)It might be convenient to think of the federal system as a layer cake, but Morton Grodzins believes that it is more accurate to conceive of it as a marble cake. Why?

7)Given modern public administration, which conception makes more sense. Explain why.

8)In presenting an historical view of federalism, Harry Scheiber talks about the three main flaws of the Grodzins-Elazar construct. How do you understand this construct and what are the three main flaws?

9)What are the implications of all this for implementation of a CA?

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