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Topic: Festival and event essay


Assignment — Individual Report – Analysis of a live arts or entertainment event
Please note: In this module we will have covered a wide variety of topics in the field of arts and entertainment festivals and events. Using an arts or entertainment event that you have attended during this term as a case, you need to identify, discuss, and analyse several themes and issues covered in the module. (The event selected must NOT be our field trip.)

You will not have space to cover effectively all the themes in the module in relation to the case selected, so you should aim for around three. For example, you could look at the operational side, the revenue streams, and the marketing side of the arts or entertainment event selected. Note that you need to focus on the event itself, NOT a general strategic review of the venue or promotor.

It is recommended that you use a “mystery shopping” approach to make your observations at the event, take notes, photographs etc, then use these to construct your discussion and analysis. You can add secondary (desk) research as well, for example if the event producer or venue publish an annual report.

It is usually NOT a good idea to write about an event that you personally worked on. Although there is some benefit of having an ‘insider’s’ viewpoint, past experience suggests that this is usually outweighed by subjective bias. The analysis required for this assignment needs a degree of detachment from the event. If you really want to write about an event that during the term you have work on, you MUST discuss with the module leader first.

Good quality academic referencing is required in the “Harvard” style. The paper should be grammar- and spell-checked. Make sure to number your pages and leave a minimum 2.5 cm margin on all four sides. The font should be easy to read e.g. Arial 12 point. Tables, figures and images should be properly referenced.

Assessment Domain ; Marking Criteria Weight %

1. Focus Does the report set up clear questions to address? Does the report stay within and fulfil the topic parameters? (weight 10)

2. Synthesis Does the report bring together the literature and data/evidence in a significant manner that addresses the report topic? (weight 40)

3. Soundness Does the report indicate a comprehensive understanding of the topic area? Are the data/evidence critically analysed and discussed? Are the conclusions made logically well-founded? ( weight 40)

4. Structure Is the report well organised and clearly constructed while being mindful of the needs of the reader? Proper and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation: Is the report clearly written, spell checked and grammatically correct. (weight 5)
5. Referencing: Are an appropriate number of relevant, high-quality references used? Are the in-text and end list of references in the correct format? (weight 5)
Total : 100


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