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Topic: FILM CRITIQUE: MEAN GIRLS Education Coursework

Essay Writing Tips
The Thesis is Key
Your Film Critique should have a specific, directive thesis statement which guides your investigation. The thesis should indicate the organization of your paper’s arguments. Your thesis should present an argument about the film through the lens of Social Lives.
As an example:
“Kayla, the main character of Eighth Grade (Burnham, 2018), is a temperamentally inhibited and fearful adolescent girl who struggles with shyness. However, with the help of several strong dyadic friendships Kayla manages to forge over the course of the movie, she is able to overcome her shyness in order to feel better prepared for her transition to high school.”
Based off of what I have written here, you can see the following:
• I will be focusing on Kayla’s journey in this film, from her start as a shy, reserved teen to her end as a more-confident teen
• I plan on using temperament (inhibition and fearfulness) and shyness (active isolation) to explore the nature of Kayla’s issues, then explain that the dyadic friendships she makes were able to help her grow (by virtue of processes and provisions). You can see that is three different course concepts.
This thesis creates a stance that could be argued for or against. If you are unsure if your thesis statement is an argument or not, read it to yourself and then think “so what?”. If there is no “so what?” in your thesis, dig deeper and get more specific until you find your “so what.” If you would like further information about writing a thesis statement, see the following SFU resource Links to an external site..
Specificity (and its Enemies)
Your Film Critique does not have to focus on Kayla. There are plenty of other characters/scenes in the film that can illustrate other course concepts. It is up to you to determine the available connections between course content and the characters/scenes in the film. Whatever or whoever it that you do choose to focus on from the film, remember that you must be specific. Please, do not attempt to make a point by saying “this can be seen in the pool party scene (Burnham, 2018).” What exactly about the pool party scene are you referring to and why? How does this relate to your overall argument? Be specific. Starting your Course Connection paragraphs off with a specific Topic sentence will assist you in this aim.
Similarly, you should avoid making vague, generalized statements or adding subjective commentary to your work (e.g. “Hormones are raging in eighth grade” is too general and vague; “Every teenager girl wants a boyfriend” is too subjective). Not only do these sentences violate the rules of specificity and objectivity, but they are also unnecessary.
Strive for Cohesion (Hint: Revisit the 7 C’s)
Your paper will be scored for overall cohesiveness and writing quality. Your paper should thus be organized in a way that logically moves from one concept to another as a part of your larger argument. Your reference to course material and the film should be engrained into the structure of your argumentation. It is up to you whether you would prefer to introduce the scene or character from the film first, then relate it to course material, or vice versa. Either is feasible. Just remember that either way you are working this all into a larger meta-narrative based on your thesis statement.
You will include a title page at the beginning of your document. Your title should be creative and speak to both the film and the concepts you are relating. You are expected to use APA throughout; please follow this guiding document on writing with APA 7th Edition. (Links to an external site.) (Hint: you already have APA citations of course readings in the syllabus and in the modules). As well, refer to the syllabus for instructions on how to cite the course modules.
Please submit in 12 pt Times New Roman Font as a Word Document (.doc or .docx). There will be no external research/referencing required. You must include in-text citations for when you are referencing Modules or Course Readings/Viewings. You will include a reference page at the end of your document listing the cited modules, course readings, and the film Eighth Grade.
As with also be the case for the Research Paper, I ask that you do not go beyond a maximum of three quotes from the literature or the film.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Coursework
Subject: Education
Pages/words: 4/1000
Number of Sources: 0
Academic level: Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: CA writer


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