Topic: Financial Statement Analysis – Suncor Energy Inc


Financial analysis of Suncor Energy Inc.
Write a report regarding the financial health of Suncor Energy Inc relative to its major competitor (Canadian Natural) and the industry.
See attached project description file.

Graphs, plots, etc and excel file with ratios are needed
(attached excel file is for example only)

Please spend more time on: analysis, background on industry and company (including strategy) and overall impression because those have the most points. Executive summary has only 10 points.

Course Project
Financial Statement Analysis


The purpose of this case is to extend your understanding of the company you have chosen by carrying out an analysis using the approach provided by the textbook in Chapter 4 of Financial Accounting for MBA’s by Easton, Wild, Halsey and McAnally (7th Ed.) (and elsewhere), and to provide some perspective on the company and its place in the industry.

Financial Statement Analysis

Select a company of your choosing and do a thorough analysis of the company — analyzing both the accrual accounting information as well as the cash flows of the firm; using at least 3 years of the most recent financial information. Chapter 4 of your textbook provides the basis and some of the ratios you can use in your analysis. At a minimum your data analysis should include the main ratios covered in class (i.e., DuPont Model, ST Liquidity, Capital Structure etc.) where relevant. You should compare your company with another major competitor as well as industry information (if available). Write a report regarding the financial health of your firm relative to its major competitor and the industry.

Note: A well-written report will digest all your data analysis and puts it into perspective. Data analysis is required but data and calculations alone are not enough. Conversely, a submission consisting mainly of strategy analysis and little financial analysis will be receive low marks. Additional points will be awarded for recognition of particular accounting practices disclosed in the footnotes which may have an impact upon the interpretation of the data you have collected (such as changes in an accounting method or differences in accounting policies between competitors).

Please keep your analysis concise – submissions should be no longer than 15 pages, single-spaced using a 12 pt. font and reasonable margins. Appendices are not included in the 15 page limit.

Points will be allocated as follows:

Executive Summary: 10 points
Background on Industry and Company (including strategy): 15 points
Analysis: 60 points
Overall Impression: 15 points