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Topic: Financing and Sustainability of Health Care in Canada


Organization of the Canadian Health Care System (Rev. C4)

Assignment 2: Essay
Length: 10 to 12 pages (double-spaced), plus references and bibliography.
It is a good idea to review the “Writing Essays” section of the Course Information before you begin this assignment.
Select one of the topics listed below for the subject of your essay assignment.
In your paper,
• clearly state the arguments or points you intend to make,
• use evidence to strengthen your arguments,
• and acknowledge the sources of any material you use to support your arguments.
You can draw on course readings, discussions with your tutor and material you research as part of the development of your paper.

Note: If you would like to write on a topic other than those provided below, contact your tutor to discuss the suitability of your proposed topic, and for advice on possible sources of information. Do not select a new topic without consulting with your tutor.
1. A variety of provincial and federal reports have proposed changes to the Canadian health care system.
Would you say that Canada’s health care system requires a complete rebuilding from the ground up, some fairly major repairs, or some minor tuning up?
What changes would you propose?
2. Major themes in health care in Canada include
• financing and sustainability,
• access to services,
• public vs. private health care,
• pharmaceuticals and pharmacare,
• Aboriginal health care,
• safety and quality of care,
• population health, and
• primary health care reform.
Pick one of these themes as the subject of your term paper, identify the issues, identify the changes you believe are needed, and discuss the approach you would propose to implement these changes.
3. Various reports suggest that we look to other health care systems in deciding the future direction of the health care system in Canada.
Compare the Canadian health care system to the health care system in one of the other OECD countries, comparing the financing, and the range and delivery of services.
Identify changes you think should be considered in the future direction of the Canadian health care system, and discuss whether they would work in the Canadian context.


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