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Topic: Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Its Surrounding As the Stage of the Imperial Glory


A 4000-word section of the first chapter of my Master’s degree graduation dissertation. This section needs to prove that the decorations of the building and its inner furniture are designed to represent the glory of the empire and can be regarded as a symbol of the national power.

I’m considering to organize this section from 4 different aspects:
1) Symbolism and Personification (goddesse statues representing different continents and fields of studies on the facade of the building, and the murals on the first floor of the Grand Staircase)
2)The richness in Materials and techniques
(Marbles, mosaics, bronze, chandeliers. I hope that there are journals that can show the connection of applied materials to this building and the global trade at the time. For example, whether the mosaic applied on the ceiling was due to certain war victories or the new global market)
3) Use of the patterns and arms of code
This part mainly focuses on the Lorcano suite, whose ceiling was decorated with different national coats of arms and other symbolic patterns
4) statues and portraits of celebrities figures
Like the memorials on the Whitehall Street, with the ‘monuments’ of past celebrities the inner decoration of the FCO headquarters emphasized the authority of this building, and how the policies made within this architecture has shaped the international politics.)
What I currently have are pictures, photos and some introductions of these decorations. But I didn’t find details of the exact materials/techniques and their relationship with the trade at the time


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