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Topic: Freedom, Love, and Responsibility


Answer these two questions and be sure to label “1.” and “2.” before answer each one. I’ve attached the pages of the book that apply, please use them, thank you!

1. Scruton says we are close to the Kantian idea of being a “transcendental subject,” that is to say “free,” when we are clear about the idea that I as a person am both an object in nature and a subject outside it, and that freedom is lost when the subject surrenders to the object.

Please explain your understanding of this “truth” and offer an example from your own experience that confirms the validity of this comprehension.

2. Since SEX is rooted in the subject, desire places us in a predicament. “It arises from the lack of anything impersonal to eat, but not from the nature of hunger…it proposes a relation between subjects”…page 133.

This observation from Scruton expresses his hope to put philosophy to its best use against the corrosive seas of pseudo-science. What is your understanding of Scruton’s purpose in writing a chapter on SEX in a philosophy book?


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