Topic: Funding a shipping company

Assessment Task

You are to investigate the types of funds currently available to shipping firms.

Your report should be supported by examples drawn from real shipping companies, and   make   reference   to   relevant   theories, textbooks, journals   and   reputable internet   sources, in   accordance   with   good   academic   practices.  The   latest developments   in   the   financial   markets   and/or   relevant   corporate   regulations should also be taken into consideration.

You are expected to provide a minimum of one example per funding option identified. Make sure your examples provide current, relevant and complete information (e.g. amount raised, compensation offered, repayment period etc.) without straying off topic. Don’t forget to properly cite your sources. You are meant to study developments in the financial markets – not the shipping markets.   Likewise, you   are   meant   to   look   into   regulation   that   might   affect financial institutions or corporate taxation – not IMO regulation and conventions about   vessels and their operation.   In   other   words, developments should be addressed only if you can prove that they affect (with evidence and sources) shipping companies’ funding options.

Reading and Resources:

  • Shipping derivatives and risk management – Book by Amir H. Alizadeh; Nikos K. Nomikos 2009
  • The handbook of maritime economics and business – Book by Costas Grammenos; Costas Th Grammenos 2010
  • Shipping finance – Book by Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers 2015
  • The international handbook of shipping finance: theory and practice – Book edited by Manolis G. Kavussanos; Ilias D. Visvikis 2016
  • Business finance: theory and practice – Book by E. J. McLaney 2017
  • Ship building, sale, and finance – Book edited by BarisSoyer; A. M. Tettenborn 2016
  • Shipping finance – Book by Stephenson Harwood; Euromoney Books 2006
  • Maritime economics – Book by Martin Stopford 2009
  • Corporate finance: principles and practice – Book by Denzil Watson; Antony Head 2019

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