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Topic: Gender representation in video games

Assessment Task
A 5,000 word dissertation that demonstrates
understanding and analysis of contemporary developments, issues and practices within the
field of computer games and the wider context. You can refer to other practices, like film
or animation, if relevant.
Students are asked to demonstrate that they can undertake independent and critically
engaged research, producing a piece of academic writing that is informed by scholarly
activity. Students are required to engage with secondary sources that are respected in
their field of study.
The dissertation should build upon the Literature Review produced during the Level 5
Critical Discourse 1 studies. Expand your discussion and analysis of the texts used and add
further texts to develop your arguments. Do not submit the exact same wording as used
within the Literature Review, as this will be deemed as academic misconduct.
Academic Services
June 2017
The work should evidence progress in all areas over and above Level 5, and include
elements such as: references; quotes; supporting images; bibliography; introduction;
abstract; a contents page; and an Appendix (if appropriate).
The unit is assessed in terms of your ability to academically write on the topic under
investigation in a way that is clearly informed by the research undertaken and contains the
following elements: ambition, understanding, critical evaluation, a persuasive argument
and clarity of communication.
Presentation Guidelines – please read carefully as failure to adhere to them will impact
on your grade.
Your essay must be 5,000 words (+ or – 10%). Quotes count as part of the word count, but
the Contents page and the Bibliography are not included in the word count. It must be
double-spaced throughout in Arial font size 12 and all pages numbered.
Citation and bibliography must follow the Harvard system. Students should refer to the
unit’s SOL page for further details on the Harvard Referencing System.
Your essay must have a front cover sheet with your full given name, student number,
assignment name and number (i.e. Dissertation, AE1) and the unit title and code (i.e.
Critical Discourse 2, VCA300) and your tutor’s full name (i.e. Nick Hampton).


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