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Topic: Girls’ secondary education in Uganda and Kenya a comparison analysis


The Thesis paper has already all of the chapters, some of them needs to be improved.

The chapter Literature review + concept definition + theoretical framework for which I am placing an order needs to be written from scratch. In this paper, I have decided not to include the entire literature review but just the one that is related to concepts and theories that are crucial to define.

Bellow I have presented the concepts that I think are crucial to define. Please write definition of the concepts by also including literature review arguing why this source and definition was picked.

Please read the rest of the paper that is already written to make it compatible with the research – it is uploaded under the name “ thesis kj”
The guidelines for the literature review are separate file under the name “guidelines for the literature review”

List of concepts:
• Gender perspective
o Gender
o Sexism
o Gender equality and inequality

• Social norms
o Social norms and girls’ education

• Grass root approach

• Feminist theory/-ies
o In what I have written, I mentioned symbolic interaction, conflict perspective, and functionalist theories – maybe you can make comparisons of the theories, including the literature review and focus on one theory that will be explicitly used for the paper.
o I do not have a specific preference for the theory selected as long as it matches the paper that is already written.
o Just to give you an idea – the main findings of the paper state that due to cultural/social believes there is less importance placed on girl’s education and they are more seen as staying at home rather than going to school.

Please add few more concept definitions with literature review that would be valuable for this research paper

Summary of parts to be written:
1. Literature review in relation with the concepts
2. Concept definition
3. Theoretical framework (feminist theory/-ies)
4. Add list of references
5. If possible send me pdf sources ( articles, journals, etc.)


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